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Separation Agreements

Formalizing Your Separation Agreement

The divorce laws of the state of New York are unique in the nation, requiring one party to be at fault before a couple can proceed with a divorce. But, as we all know, many people seek to separate not because one person has necessarily been wronged in a legally pursuable way, but because people can grow apart and are unable to maintain the bonds that brought them together in the first place.

For couples who want to separate but do not yet have grounds for divorce, we can help you formalize a separation agreement as either the first step toward divorce or as a long-term solution. At Arroyo Copland & Associates, we have been working with family and matrimonial law clients in and around Albany, New York, since 1985.

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A Formal Separation Agreement

Separation Agreements have all the legal weight and complications of a divorce, addressing the same concerns, issues and matters, but require mutual agreement of the spouses. Separation Agreements must address, among other issues, the following:

Separation Agreements require negotiation and cooperation from both parties. Having our team of experienced attorneys on your side gives you the edge you need to pursue and attain your goals in a timely fashion in the context of adversarial negotiations. However, if you are seeking an amicable resolution, we will work with you and negotiate with the other side to achieve your goals in a non-adversarial environment conducive to an amicable resolution. Our clients are diverse in their needs and we are fully capable of meeting those needs.

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We believe in the value of communicating with clients. We cannot effectively fight for you unless we understand the issues which you will negotiate and the issues on which you will not budge. We cannot be effective advocates unless we know your goals and expectations. We cannot expect you to trust us, unless we work together to build a professional relationship.

We offer a focus on client satisfaction backed by experienced representation. Contact us today to discuss your family and matrimonial law needs.

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