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Defining Visitation Rights for Grandparents in New York State

Disputes between divorcing or unmarried parents can create problems for multiple generations of a family. The children, of course, are the most obviously and seriously affected, but the grandparents can also encounter problems protecting their interest in maintaining a secure relationship with their grandchildren.

If you have questions about grandparent custody/visitation rights as they might apply to your family situation, contact the Albany law firm of Arroyo Copland & Associates, PLLC. Whether you’re a parent or a grandparent, we can give you an accurate understanding of your rights and help you understand the current family dynamics in terms of the best interests of the children caught in the middle.

Grandparents have limited rights to regular visitation of their grandchildren. In order to obtain a court order that recognizes and defines these rights, the person asserting it needs to show that there is a substantial relationship already in place between the grandparent and the grandchild, and that it would be in the child’s best interests to protect it through regular visitation.

The problem only really comes up when the primary custodial parent objects to an ex’s visitation rights, and sometimes both parents would prefer that no formal right of visitation be created in favor of a grandmother or grandfather. A court asked to rule on the issue will carefully examine the motivations of all interested parties, and is unlikely to grant visitation over a parent’s objection unless there is substantial evidence that to do so would be in the grandchild’s best interest.

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Grandparent visitation disputes are highly sensitive to the unique facts of each case, and our family law firm can give you a good idea of the way a court would likely view the situation. For more information about our experience with these cases, contact Arroyo Copland & Associates, PLLC for the advice of experienced Albany grandparent rights attorneys.

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