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At Arroyo Copland & Associates, we have been working with family law and divorce clients since we were founded in 1985, providing families and individuals the options they need to move forward with their lives.

A Practical Approach to Divorce Law

Our experience enables us to understand your goals while providing you with sound legal advice on how to achieve them. We keep you informed every step of the way so that you can determine the cost-effectiveness and time constraints imposed by the court system and opposing counsel.

We work closely with our clients, creating the type of professional relationships that enable us to understand your needs and create viable solutions to your problems. We have the experience and resources necessary to work with a wide range of cases, from simple to complex issues, and with all ranges of net worth cases.

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How No-Fault Divorces Work in New York

In 2010, New York opened the door to a new basis for divorce. Prior to that year, an individual seeking a divorce in New York state had to prove fault grounds, such as abandonment, adultery, cruel and inhuman treatment, and imprisonment. This not only set a precedent for a contentious divorce, but failure to prove grounds resulted in denial of a divorce.

The addition of no-fault as an option for divorce enables individuals to cite an irretrievable breakdown in the marriage as grounds for divorce. This is often the most desirable ground for divorce, especially when kids are involved.

Experience Handling Key Issues in Divorce

With 30 years of experience handling divorce matters, there are few situations we have not seen and no areas where we have not been able to help. We will work together to find solutions to these key divorce issues.

  • Valuation of marital assetsObtaining an accurate valuation of marital assets is vital to equitable division of marital property. We have a team of financial experts available to help us ensure that the valuation of assets is reliable.
  • Property division — Disagreements and conflict over the division of marital assets are common in divorce. We know how to effectively handle these conflicts when they come up. We will work with you to devise a property division plan that takes your goals into account.
  • Division of finances, pensions (IRA) — An equitable division of finances requires an understanding of the tax implications associated with a transfer. Utilizing tools such as a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO), we can help you split retirement assets without incurring any tax penalty.
  • Child custody and visitation — The most effective child custody arrangements are those that preserve a child’s relationships with both parents. Wherever possible, we work to accomplish this while ensuring that we are looking out for your interests.
  • Child support — Although New York has a set of guidelines governing child support, the calculations are dependent on a complete assessment of both parents’ income. A child’s needs should not be compromised because of divorce. We will fight to maximize the child support awarded to your child/children.
  • Spousal maintenance/alimony — The recent no-fault laws have changed the way alimony is determined in New York. We will explain how spousal maintenance works and what is needed to obtain a fair award.

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