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Representation to Protect Your Parent Rights

At Arroyo Copland & Associates in Albany, New York, we work to protect your parental rights, both during and following your divorce, to maintain a meaningful and accessible relationship with your child.

We work with you to understand your goals and expectations, and then we help you meet them. We understand how important your relationship with your child is, and we understand how important it is for you to keep the relationship healthy. When you are one of our clients, we will negotiate and fight aggressively for you and your children.

New York Child Custody and Visitation Attorney

The courts in New York state begin with a traditional presumption: there will be a custodial parent who has historically been the child’s caregiver, and the other parent will have visitation rights every other weekend and one night a week.

Finding options during divorce proceedings that move beyond the traditional standards requires an experienced attorney who can negotiate with the other side and litigate effectively in front of a judge. While there are child custody and visitation guidelines to follow, judges in New York have the latitude to create more sophisticated schedules that work for you and your family.

A Lawyer to Negotiate When Appropriate, Fight When Necessary

At Arroyo Copland & Associates, we understand that sometimes it’s necessary to fight for every day and every second of custody. Sometimes, children are not as safe and secure with one parent as another, and we can help you aggressively pursue the safety of your children when there are issues involved such as:

  • Domestic Abuse
  • Drugs and Alcohol Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Criminal Past

We make the safety of your children and your parental rights our priority.

Contact our office and our experienced family law attorneys today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case and how we can help.

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Find Out How
We Can Help You