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Solutions for Complex Family Law Problems

The divorce and family law practice at Arroyo Copland & Associates, PLLC, has helped families and individuals in Albany and the Capital District area for the past 30 years. The firm has built a strong reputation for providing prompt, individualized and effective advice and advocacy. Working in all areas of family law, we provide experienced and comprehensive counsel in both divorce and nondivorce matters.

Our family law attorneys work closely with our clients to make sure that our solutions are well-matched to clients’ needs and circumstances. In our experience, people who have a good understanding of their legal rights and responsibilities in family law problems make better decisions for themselves and their children. They also go through the challenges of divorce or child custody disputes with less stress and uncertainty.

Our lawyers believe that the better we understand your goals, your situation and your expectations, the better we can advocate on your behalf. We make sure that you are fully engaged with all stages of matrimonial and family law procedures so that you can take full advantage of your options for achieving your objectives. Call us now at 518-464-6000.

Comprehensive Solutions for Complicated Family Law Problems

With a fully developed practice, our law firm is also able to assist clients whose divorce or family problems are complicated by problems with the justice system or Child Protective Services. By addressing all aspects of a client’s legal situation, our Albany family law attorneys can find solutions and achieve results that might be harder for a more specialized practice to obtain.

We handle divorce and family law problems such as:

Utilizing Our Experience to Help You With Your No-Fault Divorce

As a law firm that has practiced intensively in divorce and matrimonial law since 1985, Arroyo Copland & Associates, PLLC, is in a good position to advise you about the legal, practical and strategic impact of the 2010 legislative changes that introduced no-fault divorce into New York practice. Spouses can now file for divorce alleging that the marriage has broken down irretrievably for a period of six months. However, all other issues must first be resolved: custody, child support, spousal maintenance, equitable distribution of assets, debt allocation, etc. Thus, our years of experience in the matrimonial/family law areas of practice will be invaluable to your case.

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